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A Movie Can Change Your Life

Learn how the lessons of the Groundhog day movie can be applied to transform your life.

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About Paul Hannam

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Praise for Paul's book

"...... a stimulating and effective guide to living and working. It can help executives and employees break free from limiting habits." -- Marshall Goldsmith, Author of "What Got You Here Won't Get You There", (Hyperion) NYTimes bestseller.

".... offering a fresh approach to changing old behaviors. Recommended for all libraries. -- Library Journal Review

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Three Ways The Magic of Groundhog Day Can Help You!

Transform Your Life Day By Day

By making gradual daily improvements in your life, The Magic of Groundhog Day trains you to transform your life at home and work.

Change your perspective

Perceptions, thoughts, memories and values filter your view of the world. Learn how to rise above and become happier in your everyday life.

Success and Fulfillment

Learn how to be lead a successful and a fulfilling life. Apply the latest tools from Positive Psychology to be happier, and achieve a work-life balance.

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